SHIAMAK’s VICTORY ARTS FOUNDATION (Canada) was founded in 2009 to make dance available across age, gender and ability. VICTORY endeavors to use the power of dance as a therapeutic medium to bring joy to individuals with special needs.

Through its various programs, VICTORY has made dance accessible and made people understand its power to educate, entertain, empower, enlighten and enable. Since 2004, VICTORY India and later VICTORY Canada have touched the lives of over 15,000 individuals across 250 not-for-profit organizations in 15 cities in both countries.


Everybody experiences and shares the power of dance and the performing arts and its ability to change the world.


VICTORY makes dance available across gender and ability - healing and empowering in the process. It provides a platform to address social causes and concerns, and opens doors to include dancers with special needs into the performing arts community.

Our Philosophy

Have Spirit, Will Triumph!

Dance is therapeutic and has the power to heal. The philosophy behind VICTORY is to -

  • - Educate the masses through dance

  • - Entertain them with dance performances

  • - Empower them with the ability to learn

  • - Enlighten them with knowledge for the body, mind and soul

  • - Enable them to spread the joy of dance


  • Shiamak Davar
  • Zarine Davar
  • Glen D’Mello
  • Rohan D’Silva

Dance as Therapy Classes

Around the world, Dance Therapy is being used to heal and empower people from all walks of life. Research findings support significant improvements in motor performance, reduced stress, anxiety and depression levels, pain management and body image, self - esteem, self - expression, emotional stability and an overall sense of well-being – all thanks to the impact of dance therapy.

VICTORY’s Dance as Therapy Classes bring the power of dance to people with special needs.

Each class ranges in duration between 45 minutes and one hour, and follows a set structure that has proven to maximize the value that participants get from their participation in the program.

Dance as Therapy classes are currently held at:

  • - Northshore Connexions Society, North Vancouver
  • - Developmental Disabilities Association, Richmond
  • - Developmental Disabilities Association, Vancouver
  • - Down Syndrome Research Foundation, Burnaby

Dance for Good

DANCE FOR GOOD is an innovative, viral volunteering program, which spreads joy through the power of dance performance. Volunteer dancers (The Shiamak Dance Teams, and / or student groups) put on inspiring and entertaining performances for people in senior centres, hospitals and not-for-profit organizations to put smiles on their faces and bring happiness into their lives thereby proving to be therapeutic.

The DANCE FOR GOOD program aims at:

  • - Sharing the joy of dance to heal
  • - Empowering performers with an opportunity to make a change
  • - Bringing a smile of people’s faces and giving them hope
  • - Giving an opportunity to people to take up a cause they support and give it visibility through dance
  • - Encouraging team spirit
  • - Reaching out to various locations and supporting multiple causes
  • - Bringing communities together through dance and the performing arts
  • - Creating awareness
  • - The program works in two ways, the performers get a chance to DANCE at various platforms in turn doing GOOD for the community.

Triumph Stories

Gallagher Stevens (Gall)

"Bollywood dancing gives me energy. I feel happy and powerful".

Jennifer Stevens (Gall’s mother)

"I think the dance class has given him (Gall) a new interest in a culture and style he was not really familiar with. It has added a valued dimension to his life and confidence. Thanks to you all."

Nicholas Mascott aka Nick

"I love Shiamak's dance class and Sura is my idol!"

Rosemary Ramsay (Nick’s mother)

"As a parent I feel that Shiamak has given him(Nick) a wonderful gift... not only to learn the dances, but increasingly give him confidence on stage, which he really loves. The Friday dance classes are the highlight of his week... so thank you!".

Contact Us


2106 (Lower) St. Andrews Avenue,

North Vancouver, British Columbia, V7L3M5, CANADA

Phone: +1 604 725 9104

Email: victorycanada@shiamak.com


Be a part of the VICTORY TEAM and give back to the community. VICTORY is associated with numerous not-for-profit organizations across the Lower Mainland and we are always open to volunteers who can provide their time and talent to serve the community.

You can volunteer for VICTORY as a performer, crew member, backstage, hair and make-up, production, social media, fund raising, coordination, marketing, etc.

You can choose your field of interest and provide support.

Download Volunteer Participation Form Here


Through various programs, VICTORY empowers individuals with confidence and self-belief.

Donations are utilized to fund dance as therapy programs, classes, performances and events. Donations are accepted by cash, cheque or credit card.

Cheques may be drawn in favor of SHIAMAK’S VICTORY ARTS FOUNDATION and mailed to

2106 (Lower) St. Andrews Avenue,

North Vancouver, British Columbia, V7L3M5, CANADA

Please note, only donations of $10.00 and above will receive a tax-receipt.


Registered under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporation Act on March 4, 2009

Corporation Number: 451308-8

Business Number Issued by Canada Revenue Agency: 81634 3891 BC0001

Charity Registration Number: 81634 3891 RR0001